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Toy Libraries

The Children have opportunity and love to play outdoor games which the country promotes.   Cricket and foot ball are found to be significant among them. Irrespective of indoor and outdoor games the base of play teaches children to look at the circumstances from all directions. Whether it is single, pair or in a group play all have enormous impact on the life and mind set of children internally and externally.

Khel Khel Mein today operates 7 educational recreational centres for the underprivileged children in the slums of Mumbai (2), Bengluru (5). The emphasis of KKM is to drive and avail the access of recreational centers for the deprived children to enrich their life with peace and prosperity along with human values in particular.

These centres have the following benefits:-

  1. Values and Good Habits

  2. Recreation and Learning

  3. Social Skills

  4. Health benefits

  5. Qualified and trained teachers

  6. Friendship bonds

  7. Joy and hope

The centres operates Monday to Friday.

Teachers are trained to further train and groom young children in a healthy fun environment instilling them with good values and habits.

The programme prompts the community to take part in the process of development of the children.

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