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About Us

Khel Khel Mein programme is a unique approach of Wockhardt Foundation working with the underprivileged children in slum communities’ since 2010. It aims to provide the space where children engage in recreational activities within a structured programme based on sound human values to the children of Age group 6-12 years.

The programme endeavors to educate and impart human values and life skills to the underprivileged vulnerable children so that they become self reliant. Over the years KKM has initiated a number of innovative interventions in the field and partnered with various community level agencies to garner support for children.

KKM reaches out to almost 13000 children every year through various interventions in all project areas and has touched the lives of more than 100,000 children since inception. Children's participation is the core belief of the program of KKM.


"Values and good habits through fun and play"


"People talk about leaving a better planet for our children. But how about leaving better children for our planet?" 

This is what we plan to do at Khel Khel Mein 


Core Team:

Mrs. Samina Khorakiwala  - CEO

Ms. Jennifer Bhatia 

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