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Our Human Values Module

KKM Edu Recreational Centres has 2 modules in a year. Time Frame of each module is 6 Months with 2 hours session for 5 days in a week, which aims to engage 125 underprivileged children in recreational activities within a structured programme.  


Each Module has the below mentioned elements:-


1. Joy:  bringing joy to children who are deprived and have limited access to toys and books.


2. Social Skills: social interaction, sharing, caring and child bonding, good manner, hygiene & social conduct are the skills that a child learned and developed during his/her tenure in Khel Khel Mein through interactive sessions.


3. Recreation: Educative and meaningful form of entertainment through Edu- recreational toys and puzzles.


4. Learning: Teaching of human and moral values through story telling sessions, Art and craft

    activities, picture sessions and shared experiences.


5. Health: physical health check-ups through free medical camps, awareness camps, community awareness programs & rallies.  


6. Creative workshops: frequent organization of creative workshops to enhance a child’s creative and art skill.


7. Sports events: organize regular sport events to uplift overall physical standard and build team spirit in the children.


8.  Parents/teachers interactive sessions for discussing their experiences during the module.

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